Carbon Removal Centre

The Carbon Removal Centre is a UK-based not for profit organisation whose purpose is to advance sustainable carbon removal. We aim to be the go-to organisation advising on the removal of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

We do this by:

Practising independent, objective and cutting-edge thinkingProviding a clear, unifying voice for the advancement of carbon removalCatalysing the transfer of evidence and capabilities around carbon removalFacilitating deployment of carbon removal projectsEncouraging the co-evolution of policy, governance, technology innovation and demonstration of shared value.
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Carbon Removal Centre

What is carbon removal?

Despite best efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, current forecasts indicate that the world remains on track to warm well beyond tolerable thresholds.

It is increasingly clear that emissions reduction alone will not be sufficient. It is also clear that litigation and reparations will not be adequate on their own to remediate long-term consequences.

Fundamentally, there is already too much carbon in the atmosphere. Because of this, ways of actively removing largely carbon-based greenhouse gases from the atmosphere will also be needed; starting in the short term and scaling over many decades to come. This is what carbon removal is about.

In terms of climate science: the vast majority of models now project that carbon removal techniques must be deployed at a massive scale in the coming decades and done so in ways that are additional to significantly enhanced ambition and escalated action around emissions reduction. This reality was stated clearly in the latest IPCC SR1.5 report:

"All pathways that limit global warming to 1.5°C with limited or no overshoot project the use of carbon dioxide removal (CDR) on the order of 100–1,000 GtCO2 over the 21st century."

The purpose of the Carbon Removal Centre is to advance sustainable carbon removal. Our mission is to be the go-to organisation advising on the removal of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. All in the shared pursuit of restoring a stable climate, healthy oceans, a thriving biosphere and a safe and just future for all.

Carbon Removal Centre

About us

The development of the Carbon Removal Centre concept began in mid-2018 with a small discussion group that explored the need to co-create informed, constructive narratives around carbon removal within the wider public climate discourse. It became clear that new organisations would be needed to help advance this area in more inclusive and participatory ways.

The Carbon Removal Centre aims to act as an objective and trusted advisor to a multitude of diverse stakeholders, raising awareness of carbon removal and facilitating constructive discourse.

The initial focus of the Carbon Removal Centre will be to support the development of policy, governance and demonstration of shared value that will co-evolve with technology innovation. It will act as a backbone organisation, tackling the following areas:
Guide vision and strategy by synthesising and communicating high quality data and evidence on breakthroughs, developments and issuesSupport aligned activities to raise awareness and catalyse changeEstablish shared measurement practices through bringing together diverse networks and subject matter expertsBuild public will via events, thematic workshops and, in time, multi-platform media, such as summarising and contextualising news and discoursesAdvance policy by educating empowering decision-makersMobilise funding across business, industry, philanthropy and government

Carbon Removal Centre


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Carbon Removal Centre

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